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Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum

Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum Facts

In 1988 Cedric and Emily Shaw retired after many years in the agriculture industry. They put their collection of farming tools and implements up for display as the Pastime Museum. The Pastime Museum operated out of the Shaw's family barn. Other individuals donated their own instruments to the collection, however, and soon it began swelling beyond the comfortable confines of the family barn. In 1991 the family passed control of the collection over to an organization that envisioned making the collection public. In 2001 the Littleton Elementary School was purchased and renovated and in 2002 the Shaws moved their collection into the old school.

The collection of Cedric and Emily Shaw, which dates back three generations, formed the core of the current collection. Many other contributions and donations have been made over the years, swelling the size of the Museum's collection. Luther and Kay Grass's contribution of tools in particular was notable in its size, being large enough to fill its own room, the Grass Tool Room.

The building that now houses the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum was originally the Littleton Consolidated School when it was built in 1952. In 1963 school zone reform made it the Littleton Elementary School. 2002 saw the building pass hands to become the Southern Aroostock Agricultural Museum.

The Ross Ridge Schoolhouse has also been moved onto the property and extensively renovated. It now is furnished to replicate its original state, though structurally it has been quite redone. In 2006 the organization completed a new barn on the grounds which served to house events and larger pieces of machinery from the Museum's exhibits.